What We Teach

We teach all levels…and specialize in teaching first-time riders, beginners and improvers.

  • The basics of horse care, proper handling and grooming.
  • The understanding of horse equipment and tacking up.
  • The fundamentals of riding, correct mounting and dismounting techniques,
    proper position and accurate aids for the utmost control.
  • The essential patterns and exercises for both horse and rider.
  • The principles of jumping, progressing from a basic position over a single jump to mastering the art of riding a course.
  • The skills needed to prepare and succeed at showing.
  • Safety and self-confidence.

We pride ourselves here at Greyden in saying all our instructors have gone through years of courses through the recognized equine educational institutes and all our instructors have the certifications and/or training to teach you to ride.

We are a Facility Partner with Ontario Equestrian, and actively participate in preparing and testing riders for the Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride Program throughout the year.  We also offer preparation mentoring for Equestrian Canada Coaching Candidates up to the Competition Coach Level. 

Times Available for Lessons

Our riding lessons are available 12 months a year. We ride inside our indoor arena in the winter/rainy season, and outdoors in our 220′ x 220′ jumper ring as well as our 65′ x 130′ dressage ring in fair weather.

Our barn is heated in winter.

We teach Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. Saturdays are reserved for:

  • project/practice rides
  • clinics – makeup lessons
  • part-boarders
  • pre-show lessons and show prep afternoons
  • our Little Rider’s Club (seasonal)

You will LOVE to learn to ride with us!


Lesson Times and Skill Levels

5pm lessons – Beginner Riders under 18

6pm lessons – Advanced Beginner to Novice Riders

7pm lessons – Intermediate and Advanced Riders

8pm lessons – Adults of all levels


Lesson Costs inclusive of HST

Our busy lesson barn is always bustling, and we do have a waitlist for our lessons throughout the year.  Our lesson payment structure is monthly, and if you can not attend one of your lessons, you have up to one month to schedule a make-up lesson.  Lesson payments are due at the start of each month.

  • Entry level, value-added program, 5pm group lessons (package of 4, $160, months with 5 weeks, $200)
  • Group, 6pm and 7pm lessons (up to 6 riders, 1 hour duration) (package of 4, $190, months with 5 weeks $237.50)
  • Private (30 minutes); $62. Multiple private lessons arranged in advance: $55
  • Adult-only group lessons are available (package of 4, $160, months with 5 weeks, $200)
  • We also have part and co-boarding opportunities for students in the school

Our typical approach for a rider entering our riding school is to require a 30-minute private assessment lesson to determine the rider’s ability prior to admission into one of our regular lesson nights. This must be done in order to determine horse and ride-time suitability. Want to join the riding school at Greyden?  We’d love to have you.  Email us to book yourself in at admin@greydenequestrian.ca.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE FARM TO ARRANGE. EMAIL ONLY. Thank you. Please also NOTE:  Gmail typically filters out our emails.  If you haven’t heard back from us, please email us from a non-gmail email address.

Please note: Complete and total beginner riders are required to have a minimum of 4 30-minute private lessons prior to admission into group lessons to ensure the rider is capable of riding at the walk and (some) trot, unassisted.  Following the 4 private lessons, an evaluation will take place to determine if the rider is ready to move to group, or if they may need further private lessons.

While we do have a wait list for several lesson times, get on our roster by emailing us at admin@greydenequestrian.ca.  Lessons run Mondays, Tuesdays (5pm and 6pm only), Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.